Netflix-Marvel co-op serials, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Luke Cage and Defenders

I woluld like to write about Netflix-Marvel co-op serials, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Punisher, Luke Cage and Defenders.

Daredevil is the one that I like most between them. Because, as well as he is a super hero, at the same time he is very close to real life. His supernatural power is that although he is blind, he can see and feel everything.He can even hear people’s hearthbeats. And also, of-course he can fight like a ninja.

I believe blind people can see with their other senses like they can feel, hear and smell. Thats why I said Daredevil is ver close to real life. But he is just more powerful than the other blind people. ­čÖé

He became blind at an early age and lost his father. Then an old man come to him and taught him how to fight like a ninja.

Daredevil is a lawyer in the mornings as Mathew Murdock, but a super-hero at nights who fights against criminals. At first he fights against usual crimes but as the parts of the series progress, he become more involved into more complicated and brutal crimes.

You do like or not super-hero stories but this serial is very good quality, with its fight scenes and visual effects. I would strongly recommend it.

Please find the imdb link below. 3rd season has just come up to netflix.

Next posts will be about the other Marvels serials.



How to revert/undo a commit that already pushed to remote repo on Git

Hello everyone,

Last day, I pushed some changes to remote repo accidentally and i needed to revert it.

So I decided to use rebase command for it.

First command :

git rebase -i HEAD~1 

With this command, we are heading one commit back. After that you’ll see page like below:

As I wanted to delete all history about my wrong commit, I wrote d option (drop) instead of pick like below:

And then you will see the result :

And now we are ready to force push our changes to the remote like :

You are done. Now git behaves like you never pushed a commit that you don t actually want to and forget about it.


The other option that you can use in this situation is revert command.

First you need to look at git logs and get the commit hash that you want to revert.

git log –oneline┬á or git log

Than you write:

git revert 3d7f985

With this, git prepare and commit a reverse change of your commit that you want to revert. In other words, it does not delete your commit, just get back your changes in a new commit. After that, you need to push new commit to remote.


So, eventually you revert your commit with this two command, rebase and revert. And again, difference between them; when you use rebase you can delete(drop) your commit and never see it in the git history again, but when you use revert, your commit still exist but also there will be a reverse commit of your changes.


Thanks. Be careful with your commits :))



Method Overriding And Overloading in Java

In this article, I want to give a brief explanation about overriding and overloading.

Overriding and overloading happens only when the method name is the same.

To override a method, you must create a method with the same signature. The method name and the parameters together are called method signature.

To overload a method, besides the same method name, you must change method parameters type, order and/or number.

The most confusing thing about overloading methods is that when there are more than one overloaded methods, which of them are going to be called? Java looks for the following rules in order :

  • Exact match by type
  • Matching a superclass type
  • Converting to a larger primitive type
  • Converting to an autoboxed type
  • Varargs

The rules that you should know about overriding methods are:

  • Methods with the static keyword cannot be overridden.
  • The access modifier must be the same or more accessible.
  • The return type must be the same or a more restrictive type
  • If any checked exceptions are thrown, only the same exceptions or subclasses of those exceptions are allowed to be thrown.



Show faces mesages after redirect another page

Jsf ‘ de bir sayfaya redirect yapt─▒ktan sonra context’e ekledi─činiz mesaj─▒n g├Âr├╝nmesini istiyorsak a┼ča─č─▒daki kod sat─▒r─▒n─▒ yazman─▒z gerekiyor.



Mac bilgisayarda ekran kilidi. (lock screen)

  • Automator uygulamas─▒n─▒ a├ž─▒n.
  • D├Âk├╝man tipi olarak “service” se├žin.
  • Sol taraftan “utilities” se├žin ve sa─č taraftan Run Shell Script 2 kere t─▒klay─▒n
  • 1


  • Sa─č ├╝st taraftaki service receives se├žene─čini no input in any application yap─▒n.
  • A┼ča─č─▒da ki komutu b├╝t├╝k text box’─▒n i├žine kopyalay─▒n.

┬á ┬á ┬á ┬á ┬á ┬á/System/Library/CoreServices/”Menu Extras”/



  • Son olarak File > Save se├žene─čine t─▒klay─▒n. Service name k─▒sm─▒na “Lock Screen” yaz─▒n ve kaydedin. Daha sonra automator dan ├ž─▒kabilirsiniz.
  • System preferences > Keybord ayarlar─▒na gidin.
  • ÔÇťKeyboard ShortcutsÔÇŁ tab─▒n─▒ se├žin. Solda ki listeden “Application ShortcutsÔÇŁ se├žin. ┬áAltta ki (+) buttonuna t─▒klay─▒n ve yeni k─▒sayolonuzu ekleyin.
  • A├ž─▒lan dialog box da application se├žene─čini All Applications se├žin. Menu title ├╝st tarafta yazd─▒─č─▒n─▒zla ayn─▒ olmak zorunda. (“Lock Screen”). Ve bir k─▒sayol belirleyin kendinize.




  • ─░┼člem tamam:)


kaynak :

Git Repo URL De─či┼čtirmek

Intellij kullan─▒yorsan─▒z svn url de─či┼čtirmek ├žok kolayd─▒r. Subversion men├╝s├╝nden direk olarak relocate se├žene─či se├žilir ve yeni url yaz─▒l─▒r.

Fakat git i├žin benzer bir se├ženek yok. Git repository’sine url ├╝zerinden eri┼čemedim ve ip ile eri┼čmem gerekti. Fakat bir t├╝rl├╝ relocate yapamad─▒m intellij i├žerisinden.

Ufak bir ara┼čt─▒rmayla workspace alt─▒ndaki .git klas├Âr├╝ndeki config dosyas─▒ i├žerisindeki url parametresini de─či┼čtirerek i┼čimi hallettim.

Kaynak :

Spring MVC – Angular JS – Mongo DB

Konu ba┼čl─▒─č─▒ndaki teknolojilere ek olarak maven ve mockito teknolojilerini kullanarak basit bir proje yazd─▒m. Proje temel CRUD opearsyonlar─▒ yapabilece─činiz basit bir k├╝t├╝phane otomasyon sistemi. Kitap ekeleme, silme, g├╝ncelleme ve listeleme i┼člemleri yap─▒labiliyor.

Projenin kaynak kodlar─▒ GitHub Hesab─▒mda bulunmaktad─▒r.

Deploy edilmi┼č hali ise bu adrestedir.

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